Save a Chiapas Child From Poverty

Save a Chiapas Child
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Save a Chiapas Child From Poverty

There are millions of children living in poverty throughout the world. Children living in poverty are often malnourished, do not get proper education, lack safe drinking water, and do not have access to essential vaccines.
They are more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, violence, discrimination and stigmatization. Children are deprived from their childhood due to living in poverty. Not only does living in poverty affect a child’s nutrition, but it also damages their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Here are 10 quick facts about children living in poverty:

  1. There are 1 billion children worldwide living in poverty; this is every second child.
  2. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day from poverty.
  3. In 2011 there was a reduced growth and development rate in 165 million children under the age of 5 due to chronic malnutrition.
  4. Every year, 2 million children die from preventable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia because they cannot afford proper treatment.
  5. As of 2011, 19 million children worldwide are not vaccinated.
  6. 1 out of 6 infants are born with a low birth weight in developing countries.
  7. Every year, 3.1 million children die ( 8,500 children per day) due to poor nutrition.
  8. About 72 million children who are primary school aged were not in school in 2005.
  9. Every year, 1.4 million die from lack of access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.
  10. A child dies every 10 seconds from hunger-related diseases.

If less money were used on weapons for military purposes, then there would be billions of dollars available for better education and health for impoverished children. It is possible to end child poverty. Everyone needs to get together as a community and voice their opinions and interests in helping children living in poverty to their respective governments.

— Priscilla Rodarte


Jabad allows you to virtually adopt a Chiapas child through financial help. Adopting a child really means adopting a family. With your donation we fight poverty, diseases and the absence of the State in general.

When a child and his family learns a donor decided to sponsor his project of life they learn the meaning of hope, of solidarity and empathy, these are keys of the commandments of the Law our organization decided to bring to Chiapas communities.
As we show, no help is small in Chiapas, any help impacts very positively in the life of many children and their families. 

It is important to remember our organization is present also in the US where our funds are audited through regular regulations any registered NGO is subjected to.
We encourage you to seriously consider bringing your help to Chiapas, the most socially and economically punished State in Mexico, something you can do with few clicks.